“Digital Art for Galactic Explorers: where the fractal nature of the cosmos blend with the serene wisdom of minimalism, each collection a serene voyage into energetic introspection, revealing the profound journey into the soul's uncharted territories.”
Founded by Mila Tovar, Virtualkee is a testament to a unique artistic vision. Born from a blend of artistic forms —from fractal to minimalist, vintage to geometric, and wabi-sabi to symmetrical—each digital work is a square-formatted window into unseen worlds, inviting viewers on a journey through timeless narratives of ancient wisdom. This is a realm for those who voyage beyond the tangible, appreciating not only the power of the form but also the grace of the ephemeral.
Virtualkee is a tribute to the modern galactic explorers —those brave souls who embrace the art of ´letting go´; those who find abundance in the uncluttered, and wisdom in the silence; and those who embrace the clarity that comes from impermanence. They are the pioneers of thought who navigate through life's complexities with a serene smile, understanding that true exploration is not just of the world outside, but the universe within.
This digital art for galactic explorers invites you to pause, to breathe, to reflect. Whether you are a lifelong nomad or a seeker on a fleeting sojourn, you will find that every curated “digital collection” tells the tale of a journey through star-strewn paths, guiding fellow travellers seeking the tranquility of unspoiled worlds.
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